Helena Brewers Logo

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The logo of the Minor League Baseball team the Helena Brewers shares the beer brewing theme with the emblem of its parent franchise, the Milwaukee Brewers.

Meaning and history

Helena Brewers Logo history

The Helena Brewers were founded in 1978 and changed names more than once before becoming the Advanced Rookie affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers in 1985 and adopting the current brand identity in 1987.

2003 — 2010

Helena Brewers Logo 2003The previous Helena Brewers logo showcased interlocking letters “H” and “B” in navy blue with two gold ears of wheat.

2011 — Today

Helena Brewers logo

Helena Brewers Emblem

The logo adopted in 2011 features a dark blue letter “H” with a white outline and two ears of wheat instead of the crossbar. The style of the letter and the ears of wheat copies that of the Milwaukee Brewers logo.