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The Minor League Baseball franchise the Lowell Spinners was founded under its current name in 1996. Today, it’s the Class-A Short Season affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.

Meaning and history

Lowell Spinners Logo history

The brand identity of the Lowell Spinners was inspired by their city’s textile mill history. While each logo the franchise has unveiled so far has emphasized the connection with the textile industry, it did so in its own unique way.

1996 — 2008

Lowell Spinners Logo 1996The Lowell Spinners logo introduced in 1996 featured yarn spun around a baseball bat. The bat, in its turn, formed the letter “i” in the word “Spinners.”

2009 — 2016

Lowell Spinners Logo 2009 The 2009 emblem elaborated on the same design theme.

2017 — Today

Lowell Spinners logoThe latest redesign brought the team’s mascot Canaligator to the logo. The reptile, who has yarn spun around the lower part of his body, is gripping a baseball bat.


Lowell Spinners Logo baseball

In addition to the red borrowed from the Boston Red Sox, the Lowell Spinner’s emblem also features navy blue and green.