Atlanta Braves Logo

Atlanta Braves Logo

The Atlanta Braves baseball team was the successor of the MilwaukeeBraves, who moved to Atlanta in 1966. Originally the Atlanta Braves used an almost identical logo, yet in the course of time they developed their own unique brand identity.

Meaning and history Atlanta Braves Logo

Atlanta Braves Logo history

From 1966 to 1989 the team kept experimenting with theNative American’s face emblem. In 1968, the word “Braves” was added to the Atlanta Braves logo; four years later the combination was placed inside a blue square shape. The 1985 and 1987 updates included subtle modifications of the typeface and color scheme.

Current symbol Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves symbol

The current logo represents the scarlet word “Braves” with the navy outline. Under the wordmark, a scarlet tomahawk tied with a yellow string can be seen. This version has been used since 1990.

Cap emblem Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves emblem

In terms of the shape, the current cap insignia looks almost identical to the original 1966 emblem featuring a beautiful white “A” against the dark blue background. However, it is a different shade of dark blue.

Font of the Atlanta Braves Logo

Font Atlanta Braves Logo

The custom curvy script resembles handwriting. One of its most distinctive features is the letter “e”.

Color of the Atlanta Braves Logo

Color Atlanta Braves Logo

In addition to the Navy blue, scarlet red, and white colors comprising the team’s official palette, the Atlanta Braves logo also includes yellow.