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The franchise was founded in 1976, as a result of a lawsuit. The city of Seattle and the state of Washington sued the American League for breach of contract. The word “Marines” was discovered among more than 580 versions submitted during a contest.

Meaning and history

Seattle Mariners Logo history

The logo of the baseball team Seattle Mariners has almost always been based on the “sea” theme. While in the earlier versions, it was represented by a trident, the current logo sports a compass.

1977 — 1980

Seattle Mariners Logo 1977The original Seattle Mariners logo, which was used in 1977-1980, featured a dark blue trident serving as the letter “M” in the word “Mariners.” The name of the team, together with a smaller lettering “Baseball club,” was placed inside a circle with the dark blue outline and the bright yellow filling.

1981 — 1986

Seattle Mariners Logo 1981The trident “M” probably seemed a smart idea, as the team refused to get rid of it in 1980 when a new logo was being developed. The trident acquired a completely different shape, though. It was now much bolder, with more pronounced triangular “arrows.” The trident itself was dark blue, while its outline was yellow. The emblem was positioned over a dark blue star with the white filling. This time, the old Seattle Mariners logo didn’t comprise any text at all.

1987 — 1992

Seattle Mariners Logo 1987As you probably know, the players of the team are nicknamed the M’s – the fact that was reflected in the 1987 logo. Here, “M’s” was featured on a big white basketball with the dark blue outline and seams. The letters were dark blue with a yellow outline.

1993 — Today

Seattle Mariners logo
Not only did the 1993 logo introduce a new color scheme, it brought about an entirely different approach to the design. This time, a pointed compass is used as the core “sea” metaphor. The designer has managed to create a link between the sea theme and sport by placing a baseball inside the compass. Being white, with subtle red streaks, it doesn’t seem intrusive or overbearing.

Seattle Mariners Cap Logo

Seattle Mariners Cap Logo Emblem


The condensed sans serif type seen on the wordmark appears to be a modified version of the Compacta Regular font, which was created by Fred Lambert and published by the type foundry Linotype. The Seattle Mariners logo, though, features a different typeface comprising cleaner sans serif letterforms.Seattle Mariners logo


The list of the franchise’s official colors includes Navy Blue, Metallic Silver, Northwest Green, yellow, and cream. While yellow and cream can’t be seen on the primary logo, they are present on the alternative emblem.

Seattle Mariners Logo Colors