New York Jets restore jet to team logo in nostalgic rebrand

NFL’s New York Jets have updated their visual identity, including a new logo and uniforms. In fact, new look is a reminiscence of the insignia the team had in the 1980’s. While some elements of the Jets’ identity were revived, following requests from fans, this iteration was named the Legacy Collection.

Refreshing their look, the New York Jets seemingly want to recall those glorious times known as the New York Sack Exchange era, when a playing strategy featuring a special defensive line allowed the team to hold top positions in the NFL and even reach the final of the AFC Championship Game in 1982.

The revived logo, which represented the New York team from 1978 to 1989, is relevant once again. Although its green color has been changed to a darker tone, the forms of the letters and the jet at the top remain largely the same. Upon closer examination, one can notice a slight modification, including more condensed spaces between the letters and a wider tail and more streamlined nose of the jet plane. While the green Jets wordmark will serve as the primary logo, the white version enclosed within a green oval-shaped football silhouette is designated as the secondary emblem.

According to the Jets’ president Woody Johnson, the restoration of the iconic emblem was influenced by fans who asked the team to return to its roots, considering the logo the “most identifiable mark” of the Jets.

Indeed, “Jets” is one of the most expressive emblems in the National Football League, characterized by a stylized wordmark with a slight slope to the right and the streamlined element illustrating the team’s name. This design undoubtedly conveys sharpness and dynamism, which can be an inspiring image for the players.

Another notable feature of the Jets rebranding is the new color palette applied to the “throwback uniform” of the team. As the deep “Gotham Green” shade represented in the logo will be the main color, green numbers, collars, and sleeve stripes will adorn the white Jets jerseys in the primary set complemented by green pants. While the team may also wear an inverse set (green jerseys and white pants), a black-and-white version will be used as an alternative uniform.

Rebranding the Jets uniforms and modernizing the organization’s appearance demonstrates their commitment to moving forward, fostering innovation, and providing top-notch quality to the team’s players and fans.

Updating the New York Jets’ identity with a fresh uniform design captures the essence of unity and nostalgia from the Sack Exchange era, empowering each player and generations of supporters to uniquely represent and honor the team’s legacy.