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The baseball team Milwaukee Brewers has gone through several logotypes, the 1978 version being probably the most well-known of them.

Meaning and history

Milwaukee-Brewers Logo history

Milwaukee Brewers, established in 1969 as Seattle Pilots, has a very colorful and versatile logo timeline, which includes seven completely different badges, and only two of them are based on one symbol, while with others the club experimented a lot.


Milwaukee Brewers Logo 1969

The logo for Seattle Pilots, created in 1969, only stayed with the club for several months, until its relocation to Milwaukee and changing the name to Brewers. It was a bright and delightful badge with the white baseball enclosed intro a styles red frame, resembling a steering wheel, and two small yellow wings on its sides. The blue “Pilots” inscription in the lowercase was placed in the center of the white ball and executed in a bold italicized sans-serif.

1970 — 1977

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 1970

The first logo, created for the club after its relocation, featured a funny and cool caricature of a baseball player with a bat, executed in the white, blue, and yellow palette, which reflected energy, professionalism, progressive approach, and sense of humor of the club.

1978 — 1993

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 1978

The redesign of 1978 introduced a new Milwaukee Brewers emblem, consisting of a stylized fist, formed by two lowercase letters, “M” and “B”, with the negative space of the “B” with a white and yellow ball in it. The main color of the new badge was bright blue, which looked delightful and dynamic in a yellow outline.

1994 — 1999

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 1994

After more than a decade of using the previous logo, the club decided to bring something new to its visual identity and represents a strict geometric badge in 1994. It was a blue, gold, and green rhombus with two crossed baseball bats and a sharp and sleek monogram on it. The intertwined “MB” abbreviation was executed by a stylish serif font with the edges of the letters slightly elongated and pointed. The new color palette of the logo looked professional and chic, evoking a sense of creativity and success.

2000 — 2017

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 2000

Another emblem was designed for the club in 2000. It was a traditional circular badge with a white and Ted baseball in the center and a white blue and gold frame with the wordmark around its perimeter. The enlarged script “Brewers” inscription was written in blue and gold and placed over the emblem.

2018 — 2019

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 2018

In 2018 Milwaukee Brewers start using their secondary emblem, created in 2000, as the primary one. It was a smooth and chic letter “M” with its upper bar curbed, executed in royal blue and outline in white, with a delicate golden shadow. The “M” was underlined by a gold ear in a blue outline, which was a graphical representation of the club’s names and its symbol.

2020 — Today

Milwaukee Brewers logo

The logo that the club introduced in 2020 is fully based on the version from 1978, and depicts a stylized “MB” fist placed on a dark blue circle in a yellow frame. The “Milwaukee Brewers” wordmark in white is arched around the badge’s perimeter and executed in a custom serif typeface with a clean straight line and a very confident and strict mood.


The wordmark “Brewers” features a unique custom script, while the lettering “Milwaukee” above is made in a traditional sans serif font.