Milwaukee Brewers Logo

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Milwaukee Brewers Logo
The baseball team Milwaukee Brewers has gone through several logotypes, the 1978 version being probably the most well-known of them.

Meaning and History logo

milwaukee brewers logo history

The team was established as the Seattle Pilots in 1969. The original logotype was based on a winged captain’s wheel. Inside the wheel, there was a part of a baseball with the word “pilots” written over it.

Old logo

milwaukee brewers old logo
Upon moving to Milwaukee the next year, the team adopted its current name and a new logo. A cartoonish baseball player was swinging a bat. The name of the team was given in dark blue letters above and below him. The design was placed in a yellow circle.

Symbol in 1978-1999

Symbol Milwaukee Brewers
This emblem has been named the baseball team’s most successful one. The logo’s highlight was the way the letters “m” and “b” were incorporated in the design. Simultaneously, the letters were also a depiction of baseball gloves and a ball.
Interestingly enough, the logo appeared as the result of a design contest. It was chosen out of 2,000 entries. The author was Tom Meindel, a graphic design student from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He later claimed he drew the sketch out of boredom during a psychology class. The original sketch was somewhat rougher, but later Meindel modified it.
In the course of time, though, the sports club decided to go for an alternative design. As the Brewers’ 25th anniversary was approaching, the owners focused on developing a “serious” logo. The result, which was introduced in 1994, featured the interlocking letters “M” and “B” over crossed baseball bats. Now, the colors were darker. The logo has been often criticized as generic and snooze-inspiring.

The 2000 emblem

emblem Milwaukee Brewers
The criticism could be one of the reasons why a completely new Milwaukee Brewers logo was introduced in 2000. The scripted wordmark “Brewers” is placed over a white baseball inside a dark blue circle with the word “Milwaukee” in it.


The wordmark “Brewers” features a unique custom script, while the lettering “Milwaukee” above is made in a traditional sans serif font.