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The logo of minor league baseball team Hartford Yard Goats was supposed to appeal not only to baseball fans but to kids throughout the region. How did its author manage to reach this aim?

Meaning and history

Hartford Yard Goats logo history

The franchise has gone through five names since 1973 when it started playing as Bristol Red Sox. It has played in the Eastern League since 1983 and is known as the Double-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies.

Hartford Yard Goats logo

Primary symbol

Hartford Yard Goats symbol

When the name “Hartford Yard Goats” was chosen in 2015, it raised some eyebrows. As Josh Solomon, the owner of the club explained, he wanted to the club to look “family friendly and appeal to kids as well as baseball fans.” This concept is certainly reflected on the primary Hartford Yard Goats logo. The goat may seem friendly and cute, at first glance. If you take a closer look, though, you may notice considerable tension in the way the creature is chewing a baseball bat, in the expression of its eyes and its muzzle.

Secondary emblems

Hartford Yard Goats emblem

Unlike the primary logo, the goat on the green roundel emblem has an overtly aggressive look. There’s also an alternative emblem featuring a large “H.”


Hartford Yard Goats logo baseball

Gray, tan, Kelly green, and royal blue create the basic palette of Hartford Yard Goats logo, while white is used for the background and smaller elements.