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Minor league baseball team Richmond Flying Squirrels has remained entirely consistent in its brand identity since it received its current name in 2010.

Meaning and history

Richmond Flying Squirrels Logo history

The Flying Squirrels started playing in 1972 under the name the West Haven Yankees. The club changed several locations until moving eventually to Richmond, Virginia, where the new logo and name were unveiled in late 2009.

Richmond Flying Squirrels logo

Primary symbol

Richmond Flying Squirrels symbol

The fans expecting just another cartoonish creature were surprised by the new Richmond Flying Squirrels logo. The creature looked more like a superhero than a squirrel from a cartoon. The superhero had an acorn over its chest with the letter “R” written on it.

The emblem was developed by San Diego-based sports branding firm Brandiose and even got the title of the best logo of the year from Ballpark Digest.

Alternative emblem

Richmond Flying Squirrels emblem

The “R” acorn can be used as a standalone emblem. The team also has a double-line wordmark in black and red. The traces left by the letters create a dynamic mood.


Richmond Flying Squirrels Logo baseball

The palette of the Richmond Flying Squirrels logo includes three primary colors, black, red, and grey, as well as white as the background color. White is also used for the eyes, the teeth, and the “R.”

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