Lansing Lugnuts Logo

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While the logo of the Minor League Baseball franchise the Lansing Lugnuts doesn’t bear any particular resemblance to that of its parent team, the Toronto Blue Jays, it features the same shade of red.

Meaning and history

Lansing Lugnuts Logo history

The history of the Lansing Lugnuts started in 1955. Originally named the Lafayette Chiefs, the team went through more than five names before adopting the current one in 1996.

Lansing Lugnuts logo

Primary symbol

Lansing Lugnuts Symbol

The centerpiece of the Lansing Lugnuts logo is an anthropomorphized grey lugnut forming the “T” in the wordmark “Lugnuts.”

Cap emblem

Lansing Lugnuts emblem

The same lugnut is positioned at a slightly different angle. The background is red.


Lansing Lugnuts Logo

The three-color palette is comprised of a bright shade of red, grey, black, and white.