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Being a member club of the National League, the Colorado Rockies baseball team has been competing in the Western division since 1993. As Denver, where the Rockies base, is close to the Rocky Mountains, the team got the name “Rockies”.

Meaning and history

History Colorado Rockies Logo

Over 27 years of the Rockies’ existence the team has had two rather simple, but elegant logos, in which they state obvious things just in two words and some pictorial.

Old Symbol (Unused)

New Logo Colorado Rockies

As soon as the team was set up, and it was in 1992, its logo was unveiled. It did not last for more than a few months. The fans did not even see it on the field. The fact is that it turned out to be poor; there were people who even considered it ugly.

Still, the symbol showed the main things baseball and the state of Colorado represent. In the foreground there was a baseball in black and white going past snow-capped mountains, purple in color and placed in the background. Above the mountains there was a grey arch inside which the wordmark “COLORADO” was included. Below the mountains there was one more wordmark ‒ “ROCKIES”. The upper wordmark was black, and the wordmark on the bottom was silver. Black color was also represented in it ‒ it was used as an outline. There were two lines of different lengths forming a frame around the wordmark “ROCKIES”.

The 1993 Emblem

Colorado Rockies Emblem

For their first season of 1993 the Rockies presented a new logo design. It features practically the same purple Rockies as in the earlier logo, a baseball going past them, an arch and the wordmarks “COLORADO” and “ROCKIES”. The color scheme itself did not change. Still there are some modifications. Thus, the arch is already black and the wordmark “COLORADO” inside it is silver. Its font has also changed and has become more attractive. The baseball is placed not in the middle of the emblem, but to the right and somewhat higher, so it looks bigger in size.

In contrast to the previous version the logo used from 1993 till 2016 looks more elegant.

New Logo


Colorado Rockies SymbolThe present Colorado Rockies logo can boast of a classic and rather laconic look. It consists of only two elements ‒ linked silver letters “C” and “R” with a black trim. The letter “C” stands for the state of Colorado and “R” represents the team’s nickname. But it was not something entirely new. This image used to be the team’s alternate logo in 1993-2016.


Colorado Rockies logo

The logo colors are purple, silver and black. The team also makes use of white in their uniform.