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The Gwinnett Stripers are the Triple-A minor league baseball team affiliated with the Atlanta Braves. Before 2018, they played under the name the Gwinnett Braves.

Meaning and history

Alternative Gwinnett Stripers logo

The team’s origins can be traced back to the Atlanta Crackers club, which was founded in 1901. The franchise played in Richmond, Virginia, from 1966 to 2008 before moving to Gwinnett County in 2009.

Gwinnett Stripers logo

Symbol and name explanation

Gwinnett Stripers symbol

The brand identity was developed by Californian sports marketing firm Brandiose (San Diego) in collaboration with the Atlanta Braves. Also, more than 4,000 submissions from fans were taken into consideration. The selection committee had to choose from over 900 different names.

The winning name pays homage to striped bass fishing, an outdoor activity that is very popular in Gwinnett County.


Gwinnett Stripers emblem

The striped bass plays the main part on the Gwinnett Stripers logo. The fish is swimming, with its mouth open, out of the letter “S,” which is the initial for “Stripers.” The word “Gwinnett” in black is placed above.


Gwinnett Stripers Logo

While the shade of red may look close to that used on the parent team’s emblem, green can only be seen on the Gwinnett Stripers logo and is one of the elements making it unique.