Fresno Grizzlies Logo

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Fresno Grizzlies Logo
The Fresno Grizzlies are a Minor League Baseball club playing in the Pacific Coast League and affiliated with the Houston Astros.

Meaning and History logo

Fresno Grizzlies Logo history

The history of professional baseball in Fresno, California, started in 1898, while the team itself traces its roots to 1969. The Grizzlies received their current nickname in 1998 and have had at least four primary logos since then. In each of them, the team’s mascot, a grizzly bear, is either present in person or has left its mark.

Old symbols

Fresno Grizzlies symbols
The first Fresno Grizzlies logo featured a furious bear throwing a baseball. The bear is wearing the iconic cap with a violet “F.” In 2002, the emblem was replaced by a wordmark logo dominated by purple. The “bear” concept here was implemented through grey “scratches” over the letters.
The grizzly bear’s footprint became the focal point of the 2005 logo, where it was placed inside a shield shape. Here, the color scheme was a completely new one.

The 2008 emblem

Fresno Grizzlies emblem
The primary Fresno Grizzlies logo features the bear with long and sharp claws above the wordmark and a baseball.


Fresno Grizzlies baseball logo
While the team’s official colors are black, orange, and white, the logo also features several shades of brown, which seem perfectly natural for a “bear” theme.