Tulsa Drillers Logo

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Tulsa Drillers Logo
The Tulsa Drillers are a member of the Texas League. They have an instantly memorable and somewhat scary logo featuring a man without a face.

Meaning and History logo

Tulsa Drillers Logo history

The team, which began play in 1977, was formed out of the Lafayette Drillers. Today, the Tulsa Drillers are the Double-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The affiliation isn’t reflected in the teams’ visual identities as the Tulsa Drillers logo bears nothing in common with that of its parent club.

Primary symbol

Tulsa Drillers symbol
The emblem features a man holding a drill that is going through a baseball. The man is wearing a hat, because of which his face remains in the dark, thus creating a slightly sinister effect. What makes the emblem different from most other baseball logos is that it’s horizontally-oriented.

Secondary emblems

Tulsa Drillers emblem
The alternative logo sports an enlarged central element of the primary logo, which is a drill going through a baseball. Here, the drill is moved to a diagonal position. The cap logo is built around a large “T” in black and light blue against the dark blue background.


Tulsa Drillers Logo baseball
The palette dominated by dark gray, blue, and black, has a midnight effect. The light blue elements seem to emphasize this effect as they look like moon rays lying on different objects.