Greenville Drive Logo

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The only similarity between the logo of the Minor League Baseball franchise the Greenville Drive and that of its parent team, the Boston Red Sox, is that both of them feature a bright shade of red. Otherwise, the Greenville franchise has a completely unique identity.

Meaning and history

Greenville Drive Logo history

The history of the Greenville Drive started in 1977. Established as the Shelby Reds, the franchise has been renamed more than five times before adopting the current brand identity in 2006.

Greenville Drive logo

Primary symbol

Greenville Drive symbol

The Greenville Drive logo features a large “G” with its middle-end reminding a wing, which is supposed to symbolize speed. The body of the “G” also has a couple of strokes adding dynamism.

Cap emblem

Greenville Drive emblem

Looking almost identical to the primary logo, the cap insignia doesn’t contain the text “Greenville baseball.”