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Google Photos is an online service, created by Google in 2015 in order to provide its users with a high-quality photo sharing and storing instrument. Today the app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems and there is also a desktop version, which has millions of users from all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Google Photos Logo history

2015 — 2020

Google Photos Logo 2015
The original emblem already had the same core as the current one. The colors were the same (blue, red, green, and orange), but they were used in two shades each (a darker and a lighter one). The dynamic “flower” theme was also there, but the petals had a more complicated and sharper angular shape.
On the whole, we can say that the old Google Photos logo was more cluttered and not as sleek and friendly as the current one. Yet, it appeared more dynamic and “techy.”

2020 — Today

Google Photos logo
The visual identity of the Photo sharing online service is colorful and friendly, evoking a happy and welcoming sense. The logo of the platform is composed of two parts, which are used separately — the emblem, which is the most recognizable part, used as an icon for both website and applications, and the corporate logotype, representing professionalism and authority.
The emblem is a stylized flower, with geometric quadrangular petals, each of them in its own color, divided into two triangular parts, executed in two different shades. The whole emblem resembles a colorful camera lens and shows endless possibilities of photography and brightness of the world.
As for the logotype, it is composed of two parts and has two different versions. The first one is with the multicolor “Google” inscription, followed by a gray “Photos”. The second variant is all gray, where two parts vary only in the thickness of the letters, with “Google” in bolder ones.


The icon for Google Photos looks like a classic kids toy, the windmill. Executed in a traditional corporate color palette of Google, it has its petals composed of two triangles each. The triangles in one petal have different shapes and shades — one is taller and lighter, and another one, closer to the center, or shorter, wider and darker.

The red, yellow, green, and blue petals of the Google Photos icon look juicy, sharp, and trendy, they also brilliantly reflect the creative character of the app and its progressiveness.

Google Photos icon Google Photos icon 2 Google Photos icon 3 Google Photos icon 4


The corporate Google palette consists of four colors — blue, red, yellow, and green. Each of the colors has its own meaning. Blue stands for reliability and responsibility of the company, while red is a color of passion and love. Yellow evokes a sense of friendliness and happiness and green stands for growth and success. The gray of the product’s nameplate adds a sense of professionalism and stability. This calm and strict color perfectly balanced the brightness and creativity of the first part, adding solidness and confidence.


Emblem Google Photos
The Google Photos wordmark is executed in a simple year solid and modern sans-serif typeface with clean and neat lines, evoking a sense of high quality and expertise. The lettering is well-balanced in terms of sizes and spacing.
The typeface of the nameplate is very similar to such fonts as Pulp Display Light and Glence Medium, minimalist and delicate.