Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Logo
Microsoft has had five versions of its logo so far. The first one was introduced in 1975, while the current emblem was created in 2012.

Meaning and History logo

Microsoft Logo history

The earliest Microsoft logo appeared in 1975. The wordmark was given in two lines. Some sources mention that it was developed by Bill Gates and Paul Allen using BASIC, a computer language program, and all the work took not more than a day.
In 1980 and 1987 new emblems were created. Both of them were actually just wordmarks experimenting with typefaces.


Pac-Man symbol
In 1987 Scott Baker designed a new logo. The wordmark used Helvetica italic typeface with a distinctive slash between the “o” and “s” characters. According to the company, this feature was supposed to put an emphasis on the word “soft” and also to create the impression of motion and speed. This version of the emblem was nicknamed the “Pac-Man” logo, as the slash bore resemblance to Pac-Man.

2012 emblem

emblem Microsoft
The current version of the Microsoft logo was introduced at the end of summer 2012. According to the company representative, the new design reflected Microsoft’s shift from more classic interface to the tile-centric modern one. The wordmark featuring a new font was accompanied by an emblem consisting of four squares. Each square was supposed to represent one of the company’s main products (Windows, Xbox, Bing, and Office).

Office logo

Microsoft Office logo
The first Microsoft Office logo was introduced in 1995. In addition to the wordmark, it featured a square shape with assembled puzzle pieces inside (four colors: yellow, red, green, and blue). It did not change much for the 1997 and 2000 Office versions.
In 2001, when the XP version was introduced, a gradient tool was applied to the logo. The four color puzzle was moved to the left, so that it appeared in front of the wordmark.
In 2003, instead of the puzzle pieces logo a new one appeared. It featured four interconnected squares of different colors and sizes. The 2007 and 2010 Office versions used variations of this symbol, while the 2012 emblem was completely different. It sported an abstract orange shape, which was supposed to reflect the company’s new design language.

Excel logo

microsoft excel logoOriginally, the Microsoft Excel logo featured the letter “X” that had the “L” on one of its sides. So, the emblem could be read as “XL,” or, Excel. Although the logo went through about eight modifications from 1985 to 2013, each of the versions used the same visual effect. However, in the 2013 variation, the company switched to a simple “X” without any details.

Outlook logo

microsoft outlook logoMost old versions of the Microsoft Outlook logo, except the one released in 1995, featured a gold color palette. For the 2013 variation, however, a completely new color scheme was devised. It features the dark shade of blue for the emblem and a white background. Alternatively, the emblem can be white on the blue background.

Word logo

Microsoft Word logo
The original Microsoft Word logo, which was introduced in 1983, was just a wordmark with a recognizable “O” character. Four years later, a new emblem was adopted. This was the first time when the “W” character became the central part of the logo. It was placed over the background depicting a sheet of paper. The logos that appeared over the following 13 years were variations of the same idea.
In 2000, a completely new emblem was introduced, depicting the “W” character inside a square shape. It was then that the iconic white-and-blue color scheme was adopted. The logo was modified several times, until in 2013 the company developed an emblem resembling an opened book with the letter “W” on its cover.

Azure logo

Microsoft Azure logo
When in 2010 Microsoft introduced its Azure cloud computing service, it appeared with the company’s iconic four-part “flag” logo. The choice of color reflected the name of the platform. In two years a new emblem was developed, consisting of four trapezoids. Two more years later, the company removed the symbol, leaving just a wordmark logo.


Font Microsoft Logo
In 2015, the Microsoft logo was refreshed, using the Segoe font instead of Helvetica Bold Italic. According to design experts, this choice reflects the company’s visual identity as well as the style of typography that is used in their operating systems.


Color Microsoft Logo
There are six colors in the logo. In addition to the wordmark itself, which is grey, there is the emblem consisting of blue, yellow, green, and red. All these are given on the white background.