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Instamoda is the name of the Turkish web portal, which was established in 2017, and provides very popular today services to get followers and likes on social media, especially Instagram.

Meaning and history

The service was created in 2017 to support aspiring bloggers and young online businesses. Today such services are incredibly popular all over the world, but not all providers should be trusted. However, Instamoda, has been in the market for quite a few years and managed to prove its reliability and efficiency.

Today Instamoda provides a whole package of services, including Increasing the number of followers, likes, and leaving comments under your own posts. You can increase your Instagram followers by using the follower-boosting tool provided by the service. You can add likes to the posts you share with the specially designed likes trick. You can post comments on your photos and videos using a clever comment posting system. You can also identify users who aren’t subscribed to you on Instagram and unsubscribe from them.

All these simple yet super effective tools, provided by Instamoda, will boost your Instagram account in no time and will allow you to get closer to your aim, whether it’s just a huge net of followers from all over the world or successful sales of the products you have to offer.

Instamoda Logo

Instamoda logo

In terms of visual identity, the service follows all the rules: brightness, symbolism, memorability. The Instamoda logo features a colorful square with rounded angles. The figure is composed of numerous triangles in different shapes and shades of blue, orange, purple, and green.

The upper right content of the icon has a tiny solid square in dark blue, for the photo flash. But the main decorative element of the logo is placed in the bottom left corner. It is a solid blue large circle, cut out from the triangle surface of the camera, and a diagonally located moon, which is drawn with the same bright triangles as the background.

The crescent moon symbolizes the beginning of the lunar month in the Muslim calendar, and it is part of the Turkish national flag. So here we see a celebration of the company’s motherland and background. As for the purpose of the platform, it is brilliantly reflected in the overall “camera” idea of the badge, and the color palette, which represents the variety, intensity, and opportunities, of social media, and in this particular case — of Instagram and Instamoda.

The platform does not have any lettering in its main insignia, but for the website, Instamoda uses a bold sans-serif typeface, combined with the intense shade of yellow, closer to orange, the color of energy, passion, and youth.