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Since the introduction of the Genesis logo, it has always been meant to separate the range from the rest of Hyundai’s lineup.

Meaning and history

Genesis Logo history

2008 – 2015

Genesis Logo-2008

2015 – 2020

Genesis Logo-2015

2020 – Today

Genesis Logo

The Hyundai Genesis was unveiled in 2008. The badging of the earliest models from the Genesis range had a very clear link with the parent brand. You could see Hyundai’s circular “H” badge installed on them. We should point out, though, that this approach was used only for the vehicles sold in the US, while in other countries the winged badge was used.


Genesis symbol

Later, the company opted for a different strategy. The customers who bought a Genesis car in the US had a choice. They could either have the regular Hyundai’s “H” installed on their cars or opt for the logo featuring the word “Genesis.” Due to this, the company had a chance to get proper feedback from the customers.

What did they find out as a result? According to Dave Zuchowski, a former Hyundai U.S. CEO, about 80 percent of the people who bought a Genesis car opted for the winged logo. In other words, they wanted not just to know that they have a car with upscale trimmings, comfort, and power, but to have a car with a distinctive upscale badge.

Emblem since 2015

Genesis emblem

In 2015, the company announced that it was splitting off the Genesis brand as an independent global luxury division. Taking into consideration the information mentioned above, it’s only natural that starting from around 2015, the models came wearing the winged badge on the hood, the steering wheel, and throughout the interior. However, Hyundai’s “H” emblem could still be seen on the car’s rear-end.

As Mike O’Brien, the company’s vice president explained, they wanted the customers to know that these cars were part of Hyundai lineup, to begin with. From the other hand, he said that customers purchasing premium cars were looking for a premium experience, and the winged badge was a visual mark of this promise. The logo helped to explain to the customers that the Genesis range was created using a different approach than Hyundai’s more mainstream offerings, added O’Brien.



The typeface featured on the Genesis logo has an edge. Literally. While you’ll hardly find traditional serifs, many letters have distinctive sharp edges, which mirror the sharp angles seen on the emblem above.


Genesis Logo

Muted and unobtrusive, the palette looks classy and stylish. It’s dominated by various silvery shades with subtle bluish and blackish nuances.