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Felino is a unique concept car designed by the Canadian company Felino Cars, founded by the race car driver Antoine Bessette. Created in Canada, Felino was primarily developed for track use, focusing on performance and agility rather than luxury or comfort. This high-performance vehicle, designed with the needs of professional drivers in mind, showcases a distinct, aggressive design that emphasizes its racing capabilities. Its creation marks a significant contribution to the world of sports cars, particularly in the domain of specialized track vehicles.

Meaning and history

Felino Corporation, a Canadian automotive gem, was founded by the race car driver Antoine Bessette in 2010. Originating in Quebec, the company embarked on a mission to create exceptional track-focused cars. Bessette’s racing background fueled Felino’s designs, blending performance and innovation.

The company’s first masterpiece, the Felino cB7, debuted in 2014, captivating the auto world with its bold aesthetics and raw power, tailored for the racetrack. Felino’s journey is marked by a commitment to high-performance vehicles, distinctly combining Bessette’s racing expertise with cutting-edge automotive engineering. This journey represents a significant chapter in Canada’s contribution to the global high-performance automotive industry.

What is Felino?
From Canada’s core, Felino shines as a pioneer in automotive engineering, famed for dynamic, racetrack-ready sports cars. Antoine Bessette, racing maestro, envisioned Felino to merge sheer power with elegance, ensuring a thrilling drive.


Felino logo

The logo depicts a sleek, diamond-shaped emblem, conveying a sense of precision and cutting-edge design. Its core features a stylized ‘F’, suggestive of speed and motion, while the metallic sheen implies modernity and technological sophistication. The monochromatic color palette gives it a classic yet contemporary feel, with the carbon fiber texture hinting at advanced materials used in high-performance vehicles. Overall, it exudes an aura of exclusivity and power, fitting for a brand that specializes in performance sports cars.