LG Logo

LG Logo
LG is based in South Korea, but its products are sold in more than 75 countries all around the world. The product range includes white goods, electronics, and chemicals, to name just a few.

Meaning and History logo


LG made its first steps in 1947 under the name of Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. Originally its main focus was plastic products. Subsequently, the GoldStar company was created, which later became LG Electronics. One of its most notable achievements was production of the first radio in South Korea.
In 1958 the two businesses started working as one under the name of Lucky-GoldStar. Although in the course of time the corporation’s focus shifted towards electronics, it still produces quite a few hygiene products (laundry detergent and toothpaste, for instance), for the domestic market. The corporation got its current name, “LG”, in 1995.


LG Symbol
The center of the logo is a circle, inside of which stylized letters “L” and “G” are placed. There’s a round dot inside the circle. The overall effect is that of a smiling human face looking at you. Next to the circle, there is the name of the company in a simple, minimalistic type.

3D emblem

emblem LG
There are two versions of the LG emblem. Being almost identical in shape, they differ in the way the colors are distributed. According to the company, the introduction of the 3D symbol was supposed to strengthen the visual impact of the emblem and to help convey the LG’s core values.


Font LG Logo
The type used in the original LG logo came from the Helvetica family of fonts, it was the Helvetica Black type. In 2015 the company’s wordmark was given a facelift, which was most obvious in the shape of the “G” letter. Also, both the characters grew larger in comparison with the red circle next to them. The letters became slimmer and more readable.


Color LG Logo
There are three elements in the LG logo color scheme. The brightest color is the dark shade of red that the company refers to as “the unique LG Red color”. Designers from the Korean corporation explain that it is the main color of the emblem and it is supposed to convey the idea of friendliness. In addition to this, it serves the purpose of emphasizing the company’s commitment to deliver the best.
Inside the red circle, there is a stylized name of the company given in white. There’s also the LG Grey color used for the characters next to the emblem. It is a rather dark shade of grey, very similar to the color of wet pavement. The hue used in the newer version is a bit lighter than the one used in the previous logo.