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“31” has long been a sacred number for Baskin Robbins. While older logos explicitly showcased it, the current one has it hidden in a way that many people don’t even notice it. What does “31” mean and how can you notice it on the current logo? Read on to find out.

Meaning and History logo

Baskin Robbins logo history

The history of Baskin-Robbins traces its roots to 1945 when Burt Baskin opened his Burton’s Ice Cream Shop in Glendale, California. A year later, his brother-in-law Irv Robbins founded another ice cream parlor, this time in Pasadena. Two more years later, the brothers-in-law joined forces. Although they closely collaborated, each of them still worked under his own brand during the following several years.
Baskin Robbins logo old
It was only in 1953 that they opted for a uniform brand identity – the advice received from the local advertising firm Carson-Roberts, which later became part of Ogilvy & Mather. The agency also created the slogan “31 flavors,” which supposed a flavor each day, and the earliest Baskin Robbins logo.

Original logo

baskin robbins new logo
As 31 flavors was a unique offer at the time, it was only natural that the ice cream chain decided to make it the foundation of its brand identity and place the figure on its emblem. So, the Baskin Robbins old logo was just the number “31” inside a circle complemented by the lettering “Baskin-Robbins ice cream” below.
There was also another version, where the circle around “31” was made up of pink and brown polka dots. It was then that the iconic pink spoons were introduced, which let the customers try any flavor for free.

Symbol in 1992-2005

Baskin Robbins symbol
The second emblem, which was adopted in 1991, preserved the number “31” as its core but merged it more effectively with the wordmark by placing the words “Baskin” and “Robbins” to the left and to the right from the number respectively. Also, the color scheme now included only two colors, pink and blue.

The 2006 emblem

Baskin Robbins emblem
The new logo was introduced as part of an entire brand refresh. While a flavor for each day of the month used to be an impressive offer in the 1950s, it can hardly surprise anyone today. Interestingly enough, the company has introduced over 1,000 flavors since 1945. And yet, the ice cream chain decided to preserve the iconic number as part of its identity.
So, the authors of the logo still placed the figures “3” and “1” at the center of the emblem, but made them less prominent – in fact, you can hardly notice them unless you know where to look. Just pay attention at the pink parts of the letters “B” and “R” and you’ll see “31.” The wordmark in lowercase letters can be seen below.


The Baskin Robbins new logo features a type bearing a striking resemblance to the commercial font called Variex Regular. The unusual zig-zag letters create a playful and happy mood.


Baskin Robbins logo
Pink has been an essential part of the brand identity ever since the Baskin Robbins logo history started in 1953. While blue was added in 1991, the current logo brought about slightly different shades.