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pinterest logo
The Pinterest logo has gone a long way from a script wordmark based on an existing font to a hand-crafted script wordmark and, eventually, a more business-like emblem.

Meaning and history

Pinterest Logo history

The project started at the end of 2009. By April 2010, the site was already introduced as a closed beta. In several months, it already worked as an invitation-only beta. Ben Silbermann, one of the site’s co-founders, later claimed he personally wrote the project’s first 5,000 users and even met with some of them. The original Pinterest logo was created using the Bello Script Font.
The project didn’t grow as fast as its co-founders had expected. While Instagram, for instance, had as much as a million users in four months, Pinterest only had a few thousand users after that same period. However, with the launch of an iPhone app in the spring of 2011, the number of users started to increase dramatically, so by the end of the year, the site was already in the list of the top 10 largest social network services.

Old logo (2011)

Old logo Pinterest
While the company was generally satisfied with the overall looks of its logo and wanted to preserve a scripty font, they still needed something more outside the box. The wordmark was developed by Michael Deal and Juan Carlos Pagan.

The 2017 symbol

pinterest symbol
The mood and character of this logo is completely different from its predecessor. With the new classic font, the emblem looks more serious. The design modification may be attributed to the company’s desire to change its identity and establish itself as a business-minded company rather than just a moodboard for teenagers. It’s possible that Pinterest wants to be used by corporations as a social media platform in the same way Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are used.
Interestingly enough, the “P” emblem remained the same – the fact that raised a few eyebrows. They perceived the icon didn’t fit the wordmark and the two looked like a hippie and a businessman in line at a supermarket.

Emblem controversy

pinterest emblem
The moment you take a look at the favicon of the mobile app Path you instantly understand why this company isn’t satisfied with the Pinterest emblem. The two icons look too similar and, as a result, may cause consumer confusion. Both feature a white script “P” against the red background. Pinterest has the “P” in a circle, while in case of Path, the letter is placed in a square with rounded corners, which seems to be the only major difference.
Pinterest applied to register their emblem in July 2012 and got the US trademark office’s permission to register it. As a response, Path filed an opposition aiming to forbid Pinterest to trademark the stylized “P.” Anyway, even today, several years after the controversy started, both the companies still have the same “twin” emblems.


Font Pinterest logo
The letters featured in the 2011 Pinterest logo certainly didn’t belong to any of the existing typefaces. Each of them was drawn specifically for the wordmark. However, the 2017 logo has a completely different approach featuring a “ready-made” font called Neue Haas Grotesk (in its Black weight) with a couple of subtle modifications. The alterations include a round tittle instead of square and a new “s” that was probably modified in order to better fit the “e”.