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Vaio is a brand of personal computer manufacturer, which was a part of Sony. The brand was established in 1996 in Japan and sold to Japan Industrial Partners in 2014.

Meaning and history

Vaio logo

The Vaio logo was created by Timothy Hanley and it is one of the most interesting logos in history, as has a hidden meaning alongside outstanding execution.

The Vaio logo consists of two parts of the wordmark — “VA” and “IO”, where “VA” forms an analogue some wave and “IO” represents the 1 and 0 of the digital binary code. This reflects the brand’s visual identity as an integration of the two technologies.

The movement from left to right resembles of progress and stepping into the future innovations and technologies, stressless and confident.

Logo Vaio

One more thing the brand’s name is that it’s pronunciation is close to the word “Violet”, and it was celebrated in the first models issued by the brand – they were purple or had purple element in them.

The color palette of the logo though is conservative and elegant monochrome. It is a perfect choice to accent the hidden meaning of the name, by not catching attention of colors.

The Vaio logo is timeless and sophisticated, it’s smooth lines evoke a calm and welcoming feeling, while the explanation of the meaning adds authority to the brand and reflects its values of technology and research.