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The original Falken logo featured the word “Falken” with a distinctive “F.” Instead of a single vertical bar, the character had three vertical bars.

Meaning and history

Falken Logo history

1983 – 1990s

Falken Logo 1983
When the first Falken tire was introduced in 1983, a blue symbol appeared above the wordmark. The symbol represented stylized tire tracks.

1990s – Today

Falken logo
The current logo was adopted not later than in 1999 – the car on which Team Falken competed in the ADAC 24h Rennen Nürburgring (1999) already showcased this logo.

At first glance, you could notice it was pretty similar to its predecessor in terms of the overall style. It looked dynamic and featured a distinctive “F.” The shape of the “A” looked very much the same on both the logos. The palette did not change much, too.

And yet, if you took a closer look and compared the two versions side by side, you could notice the logo had been in fact redrawn from scratch. The “F” grew lighter, its middle bar was replaced by a red flag.

The top end of the “A” was cut. As a result, the height of the letter became the same as that of all the other letters in the wordmark. Due to this, the current logo looks somewhat smoother and more dynamic.

Falken Logo

The updated logo has quite a few other details making it more dynamic in comparison with its predecessor. We can mention, for instance, that the ends of many characters have been rounded and look like the streamlined shape of a car.

In addition to the primary version where the letters are blue, you can often see the variation featuring white letters. Typically, the distinctive red “flag” on the “F” has been preserved no matter what the color of the letters was.


Since at least 1983, the Falken logo has been dominated by blue, red, and white. There has been some playing around with the shades, though.