Firestone Logo

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The logo of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company has been incredibly consistent over its more than 120-year history. Even the old photos of the tires produced in the early 1900s already feature the intricate type looking very much like that on the current version.

Meaning and history

Firestone is among the best-known tire companies in the US. It was established by Harvey Firestone in 1900. Originally, it manufactured solid rubber side-wire tires for fire apparatus. Over time, the range was growing wider and wider – it now included pneumatic tires for wagons, buggies, etc. Later, the company became a pioneer in the mass production of tires for automobiles. In 1988, Firestone was purchased by the Japanese Bridgestone Corporation.

Firestone logo

The current Firestone logo features the name of the brand in red over the white background. The choice of type is not only unique, but it is also meaningful, too. The type has been inspired by Blackletter (Gothic script). Apart from making the design distinctive, this script also alludes to the company’s history. For instance, the parts of the “F” resemble the fire flames, which make us remember the fact that the company’s first products were the tires for the fire apparatus. The fire theme is only reinforced by the red color.

Firestone emblem

Although the Firestone logo has been modified more than once, the updates have been pretty subtle – they did not affect the overall style.

Font and Color

The red color of the Firestone logo is not only associated with fire, but is also a powerful color that is used by many companies to show their leadership, strength, and power. The designers used the extended style of Bradley typeface, which was originally created in 1895 by Joseph Warren Phinney. This font is a perfect choice for a company with the name “Firestone” as its strokes, especially the ends, remind of fire flames.