Aetna logo

aetna logo
Aetna is a health care company, located in the United States of America. It provides a quantity of health care products and related services. This company is a well-known and popular one, and what about its logo, it is very simple but funny. It has a white background and there you can see only the violet word ‘aetna’.
aetna symbol

Logo history

Aetna logo history
The Aetna logo history started in 1860. Interestingly enough, the original wordmark already featured the “ae” ligature, which has been the distinctive feature of more than one versions that appeared later, including the 1908 wordmark, the 1965, and the 2012 versions. From the 1890s to 1908, three intricate monograms were used.

The 2001 symbol

aetna logoExcept for the three monograms used before 1908, the only logo without the “ae” ligature was the logotype adopted in 2001. Here, every letter was given separately. Next to the wordmark, there was a stylized man with a yellow ribbon above him.