Daihatsu Logo

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Daihatsu is a Japanese brand of the car manufacturer, which was founded in 1907 and became popular for the performance of combustion engines. Today the label is recognized for its small and off-roading cars.

Meaning and history

Daihatsu Logo history

The name of the company can be translated from Japanese as “engine manufacturer”, which reflects the original Daihatsu firm focus.
The Daihatsu logo is simple and laconic and is composed of a nameplate with the brand’s symbol on its left.
The wordmark in all capital letters is implemented in a modest sans-serif typeface with bold lines and slightly rounded angles. It looks full and contemporary, especially using the brand’s signature red color.
The Daihatsu insignia is a white stylized image of the letter “D”, positioned inside a solid red rectangular. The “D” features sharp angles and looks like it is going to fly into tomorrow.
The Daihatsu logo is minimalist but brings out a feeling of motion and progress. The red and white color palette represents the brand’s passion and power, it’s striking for technological progress and innovations.
Daihatsu Logo
Despite its simplicity, the logo is widely-recognizable across the globe and shows its brand as professional and reliable.