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Wilson Sporting Goods Co., a leading innovator in the world of sports equipment, was founded by Thomas E. Wilson in 1913. The company has made a name for itself through its dedication to crafting high-quality sports gear and accessories. Owned by the Finnish company Amer Sports, Wilson’s reputation for excellence spans across various sports, including tennis, baseball, basketball, American football, golf, and volleyball. Central to its operations, Wilson boasts a significant presence in the United States, where it has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. This strategic location supports its distribution and influence in major sports leagues and events around the globe, reinforcing its standing as a key player in the sports equipment industry.

Meaning and history

Wilson Logo history

Wilson Sporting Goods Co. was established by Thomas E. Wilson in 1913, marking the beginning of a century-long journey to becoming a titan in the sports equipment industry. From its inception, the company has been on the forefront of innovation and quality, creating products that have revolutionized the way sports are played. Among its many achievements, Wilson is renowned for introducing the first valve-inflated football, a significant milestone that has had a lasting impact on the sport. Additionally, Wilson has been a pioneer in the development of the modern tennis racket, integrating new materials and technologies to enhance player performance.

Over the years, Wilson’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through partnerships with professional athletes, leagues, and sports organizations worldwide. These collaborations have not only solidified Wilson’s reputation but have also played a crucial role in the evolution of sports equipment standards. Today, Wilson stands as a global leader in the sports goods industry, with a vast product lineup that caters to both amateur and professional athletes. Its current position is a testament to the company’s enduring dedication to quality, innovation, and the spirit of competition.

What is Wilson?
Wilson is a preeminent manufacturer of sports equipment, specializing in the design and production of gear for a multitude of sports, including tennis, baseball, basketball, golf, and volleyball. The company’s commitment to innovation and quality has established it as a trusted name among athletes worldwide.


Wilson Logo-1914

The older Wilson logo featured the lettering “Thos. E. Wilson & Co.” in white inside a long black rectangle. In the background, there was a large red “W.”


Wilson Logo-1962

The second version was utterly different. The lettering was reduced to the word “Wilson” in a bold sans serif typeface. While the font was pretty generic, the red element on top of the “I” added a unique touch.

Below and above the wordmark, there was part of a red arch. The design was placed inside a thin black border, the intricate shape of which seems to have been inspired by Wilson’s products.

1994 – now

Wilson LogoEventually, the company decided to adopt a completely different, cleaner logo. This time, nothing was left, apart from the word “Wilson.” However, the choice of the type made up for it – it was a decorative script imitating handwriting where the letters joined with each other.

The Wilson Sporting Goods Company logo can be seen in red or black.

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