Everett AquaSox Logo

Everett AquaSox Logo

The fact that the logo of the Everett AquaSox depicts a frog seems completely natural – there’s so much rain and moisture in Everett that this creature fits perfectly.

Meaning and history

Everett AquaSox Logo history

The Everett AquaSox compete in the Northwest League and currently are the Class A Short Season affiliate of the Major League Baseball team Seattle Mariners. The franchise was founded in 1984.

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Old symbols

Everett AquaSox Symbol

In 1997, the team introduced a logo depicting a light green frog inside a navy ring. The frog was about to catch a baseball with its tongue. In 2009, the Everett AquaSox logo went through a subtle update involving the script and the water splashes outside the ring.

The 2013 emblem

Everett AquaSox emblem

The overall look has remained the same, only a couple of minor updates have been introduced. According to the official press release published in 1995, it’s not just any frog, but a combination of a Pacific tree frog, a red-eyed tree frog from Central America, and, strangely enough, Brooks Robinson.