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A member of the Texas League, the baseball team San Antonio Missions are the Double-A affiliate of major league baseball club San Diego Padres. In 2019, the team moves to Amarillo, Texas, where it starts playing under a new nickname.

Meaning and history

San Antonio Missions logo history

The team began play under the name San Antonio Missionaries around 1892, while its roots can be traced to 1888. Since then, it has changed its name around ten times.

1994 — 2014

San Antonio Missions Logo 1994The San Antonio Missions logo used in 1994-2014 features the wall of the Alamo, originally a Spanish mission situated in the team’s hometown. A baseball can be seen flying above it.

2015 — Today

San Antonio Missions logoOnce again, the Alamo is the centerpiece of the emblem. And yet, now it’s given in navy and is so stylized that its outline is only suggested. The part of the logo seen under the team’s name seems to be a mirror reflection of the top. The flying baseball is still here, yet now it’s flying from the left to the right, and there’s the word “since” placed inside its white tail.


San Antonio Missions logo old

The official palette is comprised of navy blue, gold, red, and white. In terms of space, the San Antonio Missions logo is dominated by navy blue. Red is the brightest color, while gold adds a noble accent.