Car brands and logos that start with G

Car brands that start with G

There are plenty of auto companies, whose name start with the letter ‘G’. There aren’t too many truly big ones, but Geely and Genesis are still popular choices. A lot of these brands are from East Asia.

What supercar starts with G?
There are lots of sports models that go by ‘GT’. It basically means ‘grand tourer’. Carmakers like to call their models that because it’s clearly indicative of their endurance and power. Alfa Romeo, McLaren, Opel are just a handful of companies with ‘GT’ cars.

What expensive cars start with G?
Genesis GV and Genesis G series are lines of luxury cars produced by Hyundai. The former consists of crossover models, while the latter are executive sedans. It means that they are made for use by officials.

What car brands that start with G?
Geely, Gumpert, Genesis and GAZ are some of the only big carmakers that start with this letter. They make a large variety of vehicles: from sports cars to small, affordable models. There are also plenty of smaller brands, particularly from China.


Geely Logo

Geely is a large Chinese carmaker, founded in 1986. It unites a lot of smaller brands, many of which produce crossovers, family cars or vans (some electric). They’ve even bought many European automotive brands to boot. Their classic emblem is a wide plaque with checkered black and blue squares.


logo Genesis

Genesis is a South Korean carmaker, established by Hyundai in 2015. Their main purpose is building luxury and executive vehicles for Hyundai. That includes crossover and full-sized car models. Genesis uses a winged shield as their main logo.

Great Wall

logo Great Wall

Great Wall Motors is a Chinese car manufacturer, established in 1984. The company unites an array of various brands, including utility vehicles, crossovers, compact city cars and more. A ring with a wall-like protrusion in the bottom is their usual emblem.

GAC Changfeng Motor

logo ChangFeng

Changfeng Motor is a Chinese car manufacturer, founded in 1950. They are best known for their Leopaard brand – originally modifications of Mitsubishi cars; now a standalone, unique line of crossovers.

GAC Group

logo GAC Group

GAC is a Chinese conglomerate that focuses on automobiles, founded in 1955. The company consists of multiple automotive brands, most of which produce crossovers.


logo GAIG

GAIC is a holding company, established in 2000. Their connection to the automotive industry is that they own the CAG group as their main stock holder.


logo Gardner Douglas

Gardner was an American car manufacturer in the 1920-30s. The ‘Gardner Roadster’, a high-performance vehicle, was their flagman.


Gaselle is a Canadian sports car, finalized in 1986 by the Indian Sarabjit Company. It saw mild success of trek.

Geijer & Co

logo Geijer & Co

Geijer & Co was a Norwegian company that existed between 1869 and 1989. They didn’t make cars, mainly. In the 20-30s, the company produced several dozen passenger cars, but they weren’t too successful.


logo GEM

Global Electric Motorcars is a Polaris-owned carmaker from America. Founded in 1992, they specialize in minicars (some with electric drives).


logo Geo

Geo was a line of various compact cars, launched in 1989 by GM. In 1997, the production closed after releasing just 5 car models.

Ghabbour Group

logo Ghabbour Group

Ghabbour is an Egyptian car assembling business, founded in 1960. This company primarily builds cars from other brands, including Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mazda and others.


logo Ghia

Carrozzeria Ghia is one of the smaller Italian design businesses for cars. They design and construct bodies for various worldwide businesses since 1916.


logo Giad

Giad Motors is a car manufacture from Sudan. Active since 2000, they mainly assemble Hyundai cars for local use.


logo Gilbern

Gilbern was a British carmaker from Wales, active throughout the 60s. The compact sports cars were their purview, chiefly.


Logo Gillet

Gillet was founded in Belgium in 1992. Since then, they’ve been working on their Vertigo sports car – an allegedly hand-built, lightweight car fit for racing.


logo Ginetta

Ginetta Cars is a carmaker from Britain. Founded in 1958, they’ve built plenty of sports cars and racing models since then, many were present at F1.

Giocattolo Motori

logo Giocattolo Motori

Giocattolo was an Australian carmaker in the late 80s. They’ve tried their hand in making sports cars, leaving several prototypes behind.


logo Giottiline

Giottiline is an Italian car manufacturer, founded in 2006. Their key products are compact and very compact cars.


logo GKD

GKD is a British automotive company that produces sports cars since 2006. In total, they’ve finished 2 models and now keep producing them in small numbers.


logo GKN

GKN is a British industrial company, operating since mid-18th century. Now, they mostly make aerospace products, but also automotive parts. In early 20th century, they even tried making some cars of their own.


logo Glas

Glas was a German company, established in 1883. After the WW2, they started making cars – mostly compact vehicles with preference for coupe. In 1966, the company was absorbed by BMW.


logo GM

General Motors (GM) is a large American car conglomerate, established in 1908. They own a lot of brands – most notable of them are Buick, Chevy and Cadillac.


logo GMC

GMC is a GM-owned, American car manufacturer. It was established in 1900; now they produce heavy, medium, light trucks, utility vehicles, crossovers a lot more.


logo GN

GN was an early producer of cyclecars from Britain. Operating in 1910-1925, they’ve created several models of such vehicles, some fit for racing.


logo Gnome

Gnome was a British cyclecar, produced in 1925-26. This name comes on account of its light weight and speed (it was a touring model).


logo Goggomobil

Goggomobil was likely the most popular and prominent of car lines produced by Hans Glas. These were built in the 50-60s in many variations. Most were usual microcars, but there were also high-performance and even van models.


logo Goliath

Goliath was a brand of Borgward-owned cars, founded in Germany in 1928. Until 1961 (the year of dissolution), a lot of small trucks and passenger cars were made by them.


logo Gonow

Gonow was a Chinese car brand, owned by CAG Group. Active between 2003 and 2016, they were surprisingly productive, making everything from compact cars to mid-sized cars to crossovers.


logo Gordon-Keeble

Gordon-Keeble was a British car brand that operated in the 60s. They’ve only made one worthwhile model – a high-performance GT car with the same name.

Graf & Stift

logo Graf & Stift

Graf & Stift was an Austrian vehicle manufacturer, opened in 1902 and closed in 2001. For much of their life, they made buses for MAN.


logo Graham

Graham (aka Graham-Paige) was an American carmaker in 1920-60s. They made plenty of high-performance and nearly premium vehicles until expiring.


logo Grant

Grant Motor was an American carmaker between in 1913-1922. Their primary focus was a line of sports cars (so called ‘tourers’).


Gray Light Car was an American light cyclecar, marketed in 1920-21. Only a handful of these were ever built, however.

Gray-Dort Motors

logo Gray-Dort

Gray-Dort was a Canadian automobile producer in 1915-1925. They’ve made a couple of classic passenger cars for the time and went under.


logo Gregoire

Automobiles Gregoire was a French carmaker in the early 20th century. They’ve produced several unique models, but the production was closed in 1923.


Grieve was a carriage-like car, built in Peru in 1908. It was supposed to be a cheap, affordable vehicle, but saw little success.


logo TVR Griffith

TVR Griffith was a line of several compact sports cars. They were built in Britain in the 60s and then in the 90s by Griffith and TVR respectively.


logo Grinnall

Grinnall is a British carmaker, active since 1982. For the most part, they make three-wheeled vehicles. They are relatively powerful cars with an iconic pear-shaped body.


logo Grofri

Grofri was a brand of French-Austrian cyclecars, built in the 1920-30s. They were considered powerful for their time and type, and some were even used in racing.

Grupo Industrial Ramirez

Grupo Industrial Ramírez Logo

Grupo Industrial Ramirez was a Mexican carmaker, established in 1946. For some time, they made utility vehicles, pickup cars and vans. Later they just faded into obscurity, somehow.


Glass Sports Motor Logo

Glass Sport Motors was a South African company in the 50-60s. They are prominent for making ‘the Dart’ – a small sports cabriolet.

GTA Motor

logo GTA Motor

GTA is a Spanish carmaker, established in 2005. They are primarily known for their GTA Spano vehicle – a low-volume supercar.


logo Gumpert

Apollo Automobil (formerly Gumpert) is a German carmaker, founded in 2004. They made some of the fastest supercars in the world, although there are just a few models available right now.

Gurgel Motores

logo Gurgel Motores

Gurgel was a Brazilian carmaker, active between 1969 and 1996. They didn’t specialize on just one type of car, preferring to build a wide array of utility vehicles, crossovers, city cars and generally passenger cars.


logo Gutbrod

Gutbrod was a German car brand, founded in 1926 and closed in 1996. Besides compact cars, they also made utility vehicles, vans and even three-wheelers.