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Gillet is the name of a luxury Belgian automobile brand which was established in 1992 and named after its founder, Tony Gillet: the company specializes in the production of sports cars, designed and built according to the latest technologies and design trends of the automotive world’s industry.

Meaning and history

Gillet logo

Gillet is a brand with luxury and chic in its DNA, and the logo of the Belgian automaker looks sleek and Royal, despite its simple composition. The contours, typeface, and color palette of its circular badge elevate the company’s image, showing it as the one with a high value of beauty, style, and quality.

During the history of the brand, there were only two badges used for the Gillet cars, and they both are executed in one style and manner, differing just in the composition.

The first version of the Gillet emblem features a gradient red circle in a voluminous gold and black frame, which has a vertically striped pattern and a thin slightly visible “Automobiles Belgium” lettering around its perimeter. On the left and right sides of the frame, there are two small arrowheads, pointing from the center.

The red circle in the middle of the composition is outlined in white and has stylized white lettering on it. The inscription is written in the uppercase and has all of its narrowed letters elongated, repeating the contours of the circular perimeter. The “G” of the badge is the most unique and recognizable letter, due to the stylishly curved tail, which adds sharpness to the image.

The second version of the Gillet logo, which is more often in use by the brand, featured a bright circular emblem and the logotype, which is placed on its right. The badge with a red background and gold outline with black details has an enlarged white letter “G” on it. The “G” repeats the shape of the one from the previous version, though is written in bolder lines.

As for the logotype, it is composed of two parts — a thin capitalized “Automobiles” in a traditional sans-serif typeface, placed above a bold custom “Gillet” with the iconic “G” and narrower contours of other letters.

Font and color

The Gillet lettering from the latest version of the brand’s emblem is executed in a bold narrowed sans-serif typeface, which is very close to Song Composer JNL and Handmade Headline JNL, but with the “G” customized, drawn wide, and with its tail sharpened. As for the “Automobiles” part, it is written in a font, similar to Futura SH ExtraLight.

The red and gold color palette of the Gillet badge with white and black accents represents the essence of the luxury brand and its fundamental approach and value of beauty. The logotype of the brand is executed in dark gray, which is a color of seriousness and stability. The bold lines of the letters reflect the professionalism and confidence of the Belgian company.