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Glas is the name of one of the oldest German automaking companies, which was established in 1883 and specialized in the production of agricultural vehicles. Later the company changed its direction into the manufacturing of cars. It was acquired by BMW in 1966, so can be called one of the predecessors of the iconic European brand.

Meaning and history

Visual identity of the German car manufacturer looks slightly cartoonish and cute, perfectly suitable for their stylish small retro mobiles. The logo is composed of a badge which was used on all the documents and blacked in the cars, no wordmark was officially used by the brand.

The Glas emblem was composed of a circle with a bold silver outline and small stylized wings in the same color. The body of the badge was colored red and featured another framing — thin and gold.

Glas Logo

In the middle of the red circle, the main element of the logo was placed — the letter “G” with a long curved tail. The silhouette of the letter was resembling the letter “S”, elongated and narrowed.

The Glas “G” was executed in white and featured the same golden outline as the red circle, which made the logo balanced and neat.

The gold, red and white color palette of the Glas logo, framed in silver, reflected the passion and professionalism of the company, along with its energy and value of style and design.