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Great Wall is the largest Asian SUV-manufacturing corporation, which was founded in 1984 in China. In 2010 the brand released its first sedan car, and in 2017 — electric.

Meaning and history

Great Wall Logo history

1984 – 1990

Great Wall Logo-1984
The very first logo of the Chinese corporation Great Wall featured an abstract minimalist badge in a black and white color palette. The logo boasted an interesting geometric interpretation of the Great Wall drawing enclosed into a horizontally oriented oval. The oval frame was a bit thicker on the sides. The main image of the badge was formed by two arched horizontal lines, drawn in parallel, and with the square element coming out on the upper arch.

1990 – Today

Great Wall Logo

Great Wall, labeled after one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is at the top of the most successful Chinese automobile companies.

The Great Wall visual identity is a reflection of the brand’s heritage and strength and features a highly-recognizable emblem with a wordmark underneath it.

The Great Wall badge is composed of an oval frame and an abstract image of the Loulu tower, which is a famous part of the Great Chinese Wall. It is a symbol of power and growth.

The emblem is three-dimensional and dynamic, it looks sharp and modern due to the use of a silver-gray color, which is perfectly balanced by a scarlet-red of the Great Wall wordmark.

The Great Wall wordmark features two languages — The Chinese name of the brand is executed in bigger lettering and is placed on top of the English version.

The “Great Wall Motors” nameplate is written in a classic serif font, which is simple and strict. The traditional typeface harmonizes the hieroglyphic part of the wordmark and makes the logo complete.

The Great Wall logo is memorable and meaningful, its full of respect to the brand’s background and its stability.

What is Great Wall?
Great Wall is the name of one of the biggest Chinese automaking corporations, which was established in the 1980s and today is known all over the globe for the large cars of high quality and affordable prices.