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Goliath is the name of one of the Borgward car brands, which was established in 1928 and ceased all operations in 1961. The company specializes mainly in the production of truck and 3-wheel cars, along with the manufacturing of vehicle parts.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the German car brand for the first half of the XX century looks extremely modern and actual even today. Due to its simplicity and balanced elements, it is truly an outstanding example of the car logo.

The bright red logotype has all of its letters capitalized and italicized. The strict geometric sans-serif typeface with straight lines, sharp angles, and distinct cuts makes the inscription look vivid and adds a sense of motion and energy.

Goliath Logo

The main hero of the logo is the first letter “G”, which is enlarged and has both of its tails elongated and stretched to the right, resembling a wing. The smooth lines of the “G” perfectly balanced the geometric mood of the rest letters, adding a feeling of speed, freedom, and power.

The red and white color palette of the Goliath logo stands for passion, strength, and movement, showing the company as a professional and confident one.

When placed on the cars, the badge was traditionally executed in silver metal, the color which added elegance and sophistication to the iconic logo.