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Gumpert is a luxury brand of the sports-car producing company, which was founded in 2004 in Germany by a former Audi manager, Roland Gumpert. The brand is one of the most popular world’s manufacturers of the supercars.

Meaning and history

Gumpert Logo history

2004 – 2016

Gumpert Logo 2004

Gumpert is a company, created on principles of the highest engineering facilities and quality possible. It has a perfect reputation across the globe and is respected in the industry.

The Gumpert visual identity is a celebration of a rich heritage and luxury positioning of the brand on the global market.

The Gumpert logo is composed of an emblem with a wordmark in its upper part. All capital letters of the nameplate are executed in a sleek and stylish custom typeface with bold smooth lines, which black color repeats the outline of the emblem.

The Gumpert badge depicts a two-colored shield with a griffin image. The burgundy red background is complemented by the gold frame and symbolizes royalty and finesse of the brand.

The Gumpert Griffin is executed in white with some light gray detailing, he looks alive and moving, which adds strength and dynamics to the brand’s visual identity.

Griffin is a powerful heraldic symbol, which reflects influence and wisdom, being a graceful and elegant creature.

2016 – Today

Gumpert Logo