Captain Morgan Logo

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Founded in 1944 and named after Welsh pirate, Sir Henry Morgan, Captain Morgan is the world’s leading rum brand. Since 2001 owned by Diageo, British drinks manufacturer. Diageo also owns such brands as Smirnoff, Baileys, Guinness and Johnny Walker.

Meaning and history

Captain Morgan Logo

The Captain Morgan Rum logo is a vivid example of a mascot logotype.

The iconic Captain Morgan character was created in early 1980’s by Don Maitz, American commercial artist, and remains the heart of the brand until now.

In 2017 Captain Morgan package was redesigned and became more modern, but the main details left almost untouched. There is still a pirate, proudly standing on the barrel, but the barrel is now branded.

The wordmark Captain Morgan is written in bold Thaleia font. There are three main colors – black, burgundy and gold. However, the official website color scheme uses mostly red and white.

Font and Color

One of the most well-known beverage logos of all times, Captain Morgan’s emblem, has its wordmark executed in a custom elegant typeface with a slight gothic feeling. The wishbone lines of come letters are complemented by sleek diagonal cuts of others and pointed tails. The iconic logotype is based on Hophus Roghus Regular, which is a smooth and sophisticated font with narrowed and tall letters.

The brown and red color palette, which is complemented with blue and yellow of the captain’s outfit, stands for the natural color of rum, its warmth, and intense taste. The color scheme of the Captain Morgan visual identity evokes a sense of high quality, royalty, and exclusiveness, pointing to the professional and fundamental approach of the brand to everything, including production, design, and packaging.