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One of the most popular energy drinks in the world, Red Bull was created in 1987 by an Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz.

Meaning and history

Red Bull logo history

The history of the Red Bull logo dates back to 1987. It was then that the company owner Dietrich Mateschitz tasted the Thai energy drink called “Krating Daeng” (which means “red bull” in English). He was impressed by it so much that the idea of the new product and its logotype sprang into his mind almost immediately.

The emblem includes two red bulls butting heads in front of a gold spot, which can be actually interpreted as the sun.

What is Red Bull?
Red Bull is the name of an energetic drink, which was created in Austria in 1987. Today Red Bull has grown into the world’s most popular energy drinks brand, with its products being sold in supermarkets all over the globe. The company sells billions of cans per year.

Music Academy emblems

Red Bull emblems

The company provides musicians all over the world by unique recording spaces called Red Bull Studios. For this project, digital creative agency Momkai created several versions of Red Bull logo using local themes. The logos were used as a backdrop for public interviews with musicians.


Red Bull Font

The typeface used for the Red Bull logo is a custom one, but there are several fonts that look very similar. Probably, the closest one is Futura SH-Dem Bol (with slightly modified characters “R” and “B”). We can also mention other fonts that bear resemblance to the one used in the Red Bull wordmark, for instance, Futura BQ Demi Bold, Avant Garde Gothic, and Futura TS XBold.


Color Red Bull Logo

The iconic “gold and red” color scheme is what makes the logo recognizable. However, in case of Red Bull Music Academy emblems, other colors may be added to the palette.

The bright and confident inscription from the official Red Bull logo is set in massive geometric letters, executed in a bold sans-serif typeface, based on the iconic Futura TS DemiBold font. Some lines and contours of the letters in the wordmark are modified, but the geometric style and stability of the characters resemble the legendary font.

As for the color palette of the Red Bull visual identity, it is based on a juicy and vivid combination of red and yellow, where red stands not only for the name of the brand, but also for its power and confidence, and the yellow sun and contouring add energy and dynamic to all the elements of the logo.

What does the Red Bull logo represent?
The logo of the famous energetic drink Red Bull represents a graphical emblem with two fighting Red Bulls clashing their horns, drawn on a background with a solid yellow Sun in the center. The color of the Sun is supported by a yellow outline of the bulls’ silhouettes. This image evokes a sense of power and determination and reflects the main purpose of the brand — energy.

What does the Red Bull logo mean?
The bright Red Bull logo with two bulls and an intense red and yellow color palette symbolizes energy, which the products of the brand are supposed to give to its consumers, the power of the company; the determination of the brand, and its resolute progressive approach.

Is Red Bull an Indian brand?
No, Red Bull is a European brand, which was established in Austria, and today has grown into an international label with its presence worldwide, as well as in India. However, the company is still headquartered in Austria, so the brand has nothing to do with any other country, apart from being distributed through supermarket chains.

Which company has a Red Bull logo?
The iconic Red Bull logo was adopted from the badge of Krating Daeng, a Thai brand of energy drinks, which became some kind of inspiration for the Austrian brand. So today two companies are using almost identical badges with two Red Bulls and a yellow Sun.

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