Fanta Logo

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Fanta Logo
Fanta, a soda drink from the Coca-Cola family of products, has a cheerful, full of energy logo. But it has not always been the same. The brand has a long history, and so does its logo.

Meaning and History logo

Fanta logo history

Fanta originated in Europe in 1940. It owes its appearance to the absence of ingredients for Coca-Cola in Nazi Germany. The first logo lacked inventiveness. It was just a wordmark written in black letters.
A bit of playfulness appeared in the logo of 1972 ‒ three orange dots above the letter “n”. Beginning with 1988 the dots are paired with an orange fruit leaf. In 1994 they turned into orange and green leaves. Three years later the company produced a jazzed-up version of the Fanta logo. It looked so due to the new font and the eye-catching color background with swirls.
One glance at that old logo is enough to understand that it represents a drink product. Such things as an orange fruit leaf and the bubbly typeface indicate it distinctly. The font also suggests fun and energy.

Logo of 2008

Fanta Logo 2008
By 2008 Fanta had spread around the world, offering consumers more than 70 flavors. It needed a new identity. The positive imagery consisting of an orange with a green leaf and the wordmark against it was designed by San Francisco-based Office.
In fact, the designers developed a whole range of branding elements ‒ shapes, colors and a playful lettering ‒ so that the company could use them in different ways according to the flavors and the audience.

Surprisingly, the very word “Fanta” is a derivative from “Fantasy”, “Imagination.” Having received the task to create a short (no more than two syllables) and capacious name during the brainstorm, the workers of the German Coca-Cola company simply removed the “excess” syllable from the German word “Fantastik”. The result was pleasantly surprising – the original name encourages the client to play this game – to quench own fantasies with this drink.

The old logo is still in use in some markets, and it works well.

Current Logo

Fanta Orange Logo
The Fanta logo new version was created in an unusual way. The designers from UK-based Koto took scissors, cut elements out of paper and arranged them in the way we see now. Then they produced the vector logo.
The current look of the brand drink introduced in 2016 is colorful, as before, but bolder. It is more in line with the expectations of young audiences ‒ modern, decisive and full of fun. Just what young people strive for.
Fanta symbol
Instead of plump and curvy letters, the new logo uses straight letters with a cute smile in the second letter “A”. The square image of the orange adds fun.
The custom typeface rendering the feel of cut paper was developed in collaboration with Colophon.


Fanta emblem
The Fanta logo US and Europe palettes differ in the names of the colors and their codes. Yet, they come to orange, blue, green and white.