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Baileys is the world’s first and best-selling cream liqueur, invented in Dublin in 1973 by a team of professionals hired for the job. The liqueur is a blend of two of Ireland’s most delicious ingredients – rich dairy cream and whisky.

Baileys is one of the Ireland’s most successful exports and is owned by Diageo Group since 2007.

Meaning and history

Baileys Logo

Baileys undertook five redesigns since the launch of the brand in 1974, but the eye-catching logo remained almost untouched.

The Baileys logo is sometimes called “eyebrow” because of its arched shape. The dark orange arc in a gold frame is a background to the wordmark, which is executed in white and light gold.

One more detail of the logo is an elegant double B monogram. The two Bs look in different directions and are intertwined in their centers.

The Baileys logo design conveys the brand’s heritage and captures the warm sensuality and authenticity of the product, staying at the same time contemporary, stylish  and sophisticated.