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Johnie Walker is a brand of Scotch whisky, first brewed in 1820s by John “Johnnie” Walker in Kilmarnock, Scotland. The company joined Distillers Company in 1925 and became a part of Diageo Group in 1997. Johnnie Walker is the most widely distributed brand of Scotch whisky in the world.

Meaning and history

Johnnie-Walker Logo history

The Johnnie Walker man is one of the most iconic drink-related logos in the world. A logo that has been a part of the brand for over a century, the Striding Man was first created by Tom Browne in 1908. This iconic logo has been often edited and refined by many designers, cartoonists and illustrators over the years.

This is a great example of logo evolution and proof that you have to keep reinventing yourself over time to appeal to society or your newfound goals in your business.


Johnie Walker Logo 1908

The Walkers created their primary marketing strategy in 1908 with advertisements featuring Browne’s Striding Man, using the slogan, “Johnnie Walker: Born 1820, still going strong”.


Johnie Walker Logo 1932

The 1930s saw a shift away from drawings into photos. Striding Statuettes were featured in 1932, followed by a series in which the Striding Man featured only as a logo.

1939 – 1950

Johnie Walker Logo 1939

Clive Upton reduced Striding man significantly from his full-size self into a logo. Now the logo is in color.


1996 – 2015

Johnie Walker Logo 1996

A famous “Keep Walking” campaign was created in 1999, and it was designed to take Johnnie Walker back to its roots but also forward into the new millennium. The figure that appears in the campaign was created three years earlier by John Geary. It’s here that the Striding Man achieved his current delicate assertiveness, a nod to the charm, elegance, and charisma of the dandy.

2015 — now


Johnnie Walker logo

The final redesign took place in 2015. Today’s Striding Man, by Gary Redford for Bloom, got his smile back, as well as a hat tip, and boots that presumably zip up the inside of the leg, rather than the outside. His shirt and jacket got buttons, and his coattails got longer.

Johnnie Walker emblem

The new Johnny Walker’s logo rendering is quite good, capturing a lot of personality, even at small sizes. The new serif typeface adds a touch of sophistication and works well with the new Striding Man. It creates a youthful, energetic, and unexpected aesthetic.