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Brabus is a brand of automobile tuning company, which works closely with Mercedes-Benz. The label was established in 1977 and since the 1990s is a part of Daimler Group. Brabus is one of the most famous German automobile-customization brands.

Meaning and history

Brabus Logo

The brand’s name, Brabus, is a derivative of its founders’ surnames, Brackmann and Buschmann.

Being the largest tuning company for Mercedes cars, Brabus has a very strong reputation in the world’s car industry. The brand is powerful and confident, which is fully reflected in its visual identity.

The Brabus logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem placed above it.

The all-caps wordmark is executed in a traditional serif typeface with thick bold lines and a slightly narrowed right bar of “U” and left bar of “A”.

The Brabus emblem works also as a brand’s signifier and is composed of a circle with the letter “B” enclosed. When placed above the wordmark, the emblem features thin fine lines and looks light and airy in the brand’s signature monochrome palette.

Being placed on the car bonnet, the Brabus emblem gains thicker and stronger lines, which look luxury in silver-gray color.

The Brabus logo is an example of a timeless visual identity, which reflects the brand’s confidence and authority, as well as its expertise in engineering and design. It is an elegant yet brutal logo, which is instantly recognizable and makes the brand stand out.