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SeAZ  is industrial enterprise was established in Serpukhov, Russia. The founding of SeAZ is attributed to the Soviet Union’s drive to expand its automotive industry. The plant specialized in producing small automobiles, notably microcars and later, during its association with VAZ, compact cars. These vehicles were designed to be affordable and practical, catering to the everyday needs of Soviet citizens. SeAZ played a significant role in the automotive landscape of the USSR, reflecting the era’s industrial capabilities and economic strategies. Its creation underscores the Soviet Union’s efforts to enhance domestic vehicle production and provide accessible transportation solutions to its population.

Meaning and history

SeAZ, the Serpukhov Automobile Plant, began in 1939 in Russia, producing small motorcycles and later cyclecars for disabled drivers. The 1980s brought growth with the “Oka” microcar, anticipating future production. By 1985, a Soviet decree expanded SeAZ’s facilities, integrating it into AvtoVAZ’s operations. The plant thrived until 2007 when Oka production ceased. Despite attempts to revive it, SeAZ was declared bankrupt in 2013, ending its automotive chapter, and the site transitioned to an industrial park​​.

What is SeAZ?
SeAZ was an automotive plant in Serpukhov, Russia, renowned for producing compact and microcars. It epitomized the Soviet Union’s initiative in the 20th century to provide economical and practical vehicles to its population, adapting over time to evolving automotive technologies and market needs. The legacy of SeAZ reflects a significant chapter in Russia’s industrial history, symbolizing ingenuity and adaptability in vehicle manufacturing.


SeAZ Logo

The logo depicts a stylized metallic letter ‘G’ enclosed within an elliptical ring. The ‘G’ features a glossy finish with a gradient effect, suggesting depth and a three-dimensional look. The outer oval border, sleek with a subtle shadow, provides a contrast that accentuates the central emblem. This design exudes modernity and a sense of forward motion, fitting for a brand identity in the automotive industry.

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