Boise Hawks Logo

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Boise Hawks LogoThe Minor League Baseball team the Boise Hawks has been pretty consistent in its brand identity over the last decade. Since 2007, they’ve introduced only one subtle update to the logo.

Meaning and History logo

Boise Hawks Logo history

The team based in Boise, Idaho, now has the status of the farm team for the Colorado Rockies. While the franchise was officially established in 1987, in fact, it had spent several years in other locations playing under different names.

Old symbol

Boise Hawks symbol
The focal point of the Boise Hawks logo is a flying hawk clutching a baseball bat in its paws. The bird is flying over the name of the team. While the lettering “Boise” is gold, the “Hawks” script is given in red and two shades of gold.

The 2011 emblem

Boise Hawks emblem
While the shape of the elements has remained the same, there has been a noticeable shift in the color palette. The overall impression is now a bit darker.


Boise Hawks Logo old
The lettering “Boise” is green, while the word “Hawks” and the bird itself has acquired a green outline.