Texas rangers Logo

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Texas Rangers Logo
The Texas Rangers went through several completely different logos before they switched to the one they use today.

Meaning and History logo

Texas Rangers Logo history

The team’s earliest logo was adopted in 1961 and reflected its first name – the Washington Senators. The emblem depicted a baseball player in front of the Capitol. Although the picture itself was completely different from the current one, it was then that the iconic color scheme – the combination of red and blue – was chosen.
As the club got its current name and moved to Texas in 1972, the need for a new logo became obvious. The one that was adopted reflected the changes in the team’s circumstances. The logo featured a baseball “wearing” a cowboy hat. The picture served as the background, against which the name of the team was placed. The baseball and the hat were blue, while the wordmark was red with a blue shade.
The next version, which was adopted in 1981, looked almost identical except for the shade – it was removed.

Symbol 1982-1994

Symbol Texas Rangers
The 1982 season brought a completely new logo. Again, the team’s connection with Texas was emphasized, although this time in a different way: the state’s outline was chosen as the background for the logotype. Over it, large-scale characters “T” and “R” with a white star were placed. Also, the ball that appeared in the previous versions could be seen, although it did not attract as much attention here.
This version stayed for two years only, and as soon as in 1984 the emblem was transformed. The baseball and the outline of Texas remained, while the letters “T” and “R” were replaced by the word “Rangers” given in a typeface resembling handwriting. The outline became red, while the angles grew sharper, in comparison with the previous emblem.
The following version (1994) sported a big star encircled with the name of the team. The circle, in its turn, was placed inside a square shape.

Current emblem

emblem Texas Rangers
The circle shape became the basis of the current Texas Rangers logo, which was adopted in 2002. A large letter “T” is placed inside the circle, over a white baseball.


Font Texas Rangers Logo
Throughout its history, the wordmark has changed several typefaces looking absolutely different from one another. The current logotype features a customized serif all-cap type. Its distinctive feature is a sort of serif placed in the middle of every letter, due to which the characters look recognizable and unique.


Color Texas Rangers Logo
The iconic red-and-blue color scheme was adopted as early as in 1961, i.e. in the very first Texas Rangers logo. The combination stayed the same, except for the 1994 version, where grey was added as a secondary color.