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The Texas Rangers went through several completely different logos before they switched to the one they use today.

Meaning and history

Texas Rangers Logo history

The baseball club, which has been known as the Texas Rangers since 1972, was formed a decade earlier, in 1962, under the name “Washington Senators”. As for the visual identity history of the Rangers, after the club’s rename it can be split into three periods when the team was using three different symbols — the cowboy hat, the Texas contouring, and the Lone Star.

1961 — 1971

Texas Rangers Logo 1961

The logo, used by Washington Senators from 1961 to 1971 featured a circular frame, enclosing a pretty simple composition with the baseball player in red placed over a blue image of the Capitol. “The Senators” lettering was arched above the drawing, executed in a bold and elegant cursive, in dark blue.

1972 — 1980

Texas Rangers Logo 1972

After the relocation of the club to Arlington, Texas, the new logo was adopted. It was a red, blue, and white composition consisting of a baseball, a cowboy hat on it, and a red “Texas Rangers” wordmark placed over the image and outlined in blue. It was a bright and fresh composition, which looked modern and strong.


Texas Rangers Logo 1981

In 1981 the lettering on the logo was refined — its lines became thinner and the blue outline and shadow were removed from the image, keeping only the red color of the letters. It made the whole logo look more elegant and delicate.

1982 — 1983

Texas Rangers Logo 1982

The new visual identity concept was adopted by the club in 1982. The ball in a hat was replaced by a bright blue Texas state contouring in a double blue and white outline. The white baseball with red stitches was placed on the left part of the blue background, and overlapped by two extra-bold “TR” letters in red, with the negative space of the “R” turned into a white five-pointed star.

1984 — 1993

Texas Rangers Logo 1984

The logo was refined in 1984. The club kept the main theme — Texas State contour — untouched, though switched its color palette to a calmer one. As for two other elements, the baseball in white and red was still in its place, though the massive “TR” abbreviation was replaced by a script “Rangers” inscription, executed in red. The white emblem gained a thin red outline, which added distinction and professionalism to the whole image.

1994 — 2002

Texas Rangers Logo 1994

In 1994 the Texas Rangers’ visual identity was redrawn again. Keeping the iconic blues red and white color palette the team made its logo simpler and more modern. The new emblem featured a rhombus in blue with thin white vertical stripes, and a white five-pointed star enclosed in a thick red frame and placed in the middle of the rhombus. The “Texas Rangers Baseball Club” inscription was placed around the red frame’s perimeter and executed in a clean and strict sans-serif typeface. The two parts of the wordmark were separated by two white baseballs.

2003 — Today

emblem Texas RangersThe redesign of the 2000s brought a more contemporary and crispy emblem to the Texas club. The circular badge with a red and blue frame and a white baseball in the middle has its “Texas Rangers” lettering in white placed around the frame’s perimeter, and a bold red wishbone “T” with a blue shadow drawn ver the white ball. The full wordmark is executed in the same wishbone-style typeface, but with thinner lines and no shadow around.


Font Texas Rangers Logo

Throughout its history, the wordmark has changed several typefaces looking absolutely different from one another. The current logotype features a customized serif all-cap type. Its distinctive feature is a sort of serif placed in the middle of every letter, due to which the characters look recognizable and unique.

Texas Rangers Logo Emblem


Color Texas Rangers Logo

The iconic red-and-blue color scheme was adopted as early as in 1961, i.e. in the very first Texas Rangers logo. The combination stayed the same, except for the 1994 version, where grey was added as a secondary color.

Does George Bush still own the Texas Rangers?
No, George Bush has nothing to do with the Texas Rangers club since 1998, when he sold his 2% stack right before becoming the president of the United States.

What color is Texas Rangers jersey?
The official colors Texas Rangers use for their uniforms are white, red, blue and gray. When the team plays on their home arena they wear white jerseys with red sleeves, and for the guest matches the players wear gray and blue jerseys. The alternative options of the uniform are made in light or dark blue, or red.

Where are Texas Rangers located?
Since 1971 the Texas Rangers club is based in Dallas, Texas, and has Globe Life Field as their home ground. However, the club was founded in Washington, and for the first ten years of its history was named “Washington Senators”.