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Zenvo is the name of a luxury automaker from Denmark, which was established in 2004, and by today has already grown into one of the world’s most famous and reputable sports cars designers and producers. In the company’s portfolio, there are only two basic models, which are being manufactured in limited quantities.

Meaning and history

Zenvo Logo history

Zenvo is a young company, established by the Danish entrepreneur Troels Vollertsen, who gave the name to the brand. “Zenvo” is actually a derivative from the founder’s surname, where the first two letters, “VO”, is set after the last three letters, “SEN”, but with the “S” replaced by the “Z”. A bit complicated, but it is what it is, and the result is strong and loud.

Zenvo is a luxury brand, and everything here is about exquisite style and top quality. All the main values of the company are brilliantly reflected in its logo. A very strong, masculine yet sophisticated badge, which can be seen on the bonnets and grilles of the supercars, designed by the Danish automaker.

2004 – 2011

Zenvo Logo 2004

The Zenvo logo is based on a sleek wide crest and a three-dimensional gradient badge, which is placed directly on the cars of the company. This option features a matte gradient-black background and a thin silver framing with the lettering and contouring in the same shade.

2011 – now

Zenvo Logo

In the top part of the crest, there is a sans-serif uppercase Zenvo logotype, executed in a modern typeface, with the tail of the letter “Z” elongated and underlining the whole inscription. The wordmark is set above the graphical part of the badge, a stylized geometric drawing, composed of two fragments, making up a stylized and laconic image of a locomotive, with its bottom part triangular, pointing down.

The Zenvo crest is all about power and speed, it also evokes such feelings as confidence and reliability, which are, probably, the most important for any car manufacturer, and especially, for the ones, specialized in the production of sports cars.