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Bordrin is a relatively new and innovative automotive brand, primarily focusing on electric vehicles (EVs). It was founded by Huang Ximing, a visionary entrepreneur with a background in the automotive industry. The company originated in China and aims to revolutionize the EV market by offering advanced, eco-friendly transportation solutions. Bordrin is known for integrating cutting-edge technology in its vehicles, emphasizing sustainability, performance, and design. Its creation reflects a growing global shift towards renewable energy and sustainable living.

Meaning and history

Bordrin, established in 2016 by Huang Ximing in Nanjing, China, was an innovative electric vehicle manufacturer. They made significant strides in the EV industry, partnering with Torc Robotics in 2018 and creating electric SUV platforms in 2019. Their flagship models, the iV6 and iV7, showcased advanced features and design. However, the COVID-19 pandemic adversely affected their finances, leading to a considerable drop in sales and eventually, the company filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations in 2021. This story encapsulates the challenges and volatility in the evolving electric vehicle market. For more details, you can visit the Wikipedia page on Bordrin here.

What is Bordrin?
Bordrin was a Chinese automotive company known for its work in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. Founded in 2016 by Huang Ximing, the company focused on creating innovative EV designs but ceased operations in 2021 due to financial challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Bordrin Logo

The logo cleverly resembles a horse’s head, abstract and flowing, suggesting agility and strength. The equine motif typically symbolizes speed and endurance, traits desirable in the automotive sector. The design is monochromatic, using stark black against a white background for high contrast. The font of “BORDRIN” is modern and clean, with capitalized letters conveying solidity and reliability. The overall aesthetic is minimalist, yet dynamic, symbolizing innovation and forward-thinking in the automotive industry.

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