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Keinath is a German brand of the automaking company, which was established in the 1980s, and is specialized in the production of convertible and sport-cars.

Meaning and history

Keinath Logo history

1983 – 1988

Keinath Logo-1983
The initial Keinath badge was introduced in 1983. It was the most stylish and minimalist logotype of all, created for the automaker throughout its history. The first insignia featured simple black lettering on a plain white background. The lettering was set in a title case, and used a slightly italicized custom Sans-serif typeface with square futuristic shapes and the elongated lines of the first letter “K” and the last “H”.

1988 – 1993

Keinath Logo-1988
The redesign of 1988 kept the recognizable contours of the Keinath badges but made the letters thick and three-dimensional, drawing them in gradient silver and outlining each symbol in black. The letters got wider and less space was used between them, thus the new badge was heavier yet more solid and stable than the previous version.

1993 – Today

Keinath Logo-1993

The Keinath visual identity is one of the examples of the timeless classic, with very traditional shapes and color scheme chosen. It is composed of a laconic yet chic badge with a lettering and a small geometric symbol on it.

The scarlet-red emblem of the automaker has a shape of a circle overlapping an elongated horizontally placed rectangle with its sides cut diagonally, resembling two wings.

The badge had a double outline — thick gold inside a thin black one — and golden lettering. The main, “Keinath”, wordmark in all capitals was written in a strict and clean bold sans-serif typeface, while the bottom line, “GT”, was executed in an italicized serif font.

Keinath Logo

Another detail of the Keinath logo was a small abstract symbol, placed on the upper part of the emblem. It was something looking like the Russian letter “Ж”, simply composed of two mirrored “K” in the lower case.

The red, gold, and black color palette of the brand’s logo was a representation of a luxury segment and professional approach to the design and production of the company’s cars. Red also symbolizes passion and power, when gold ads elegance and sleekness to the overall picture. Think black accents point to the authority and expertise of the company.