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Czinger is a groundbreaking automotive brand, founded by Kevin Czinger, based in Los Angeles, USA. It specializes in creating high-performance, hybrid-electric cars using advanced technology, including AI, 3D printing, and eco-friendly processes. The company aims to revolutionize the auto industry by combining sustainability with cutting-edge design and extreme performance. Their cars are notable for their unique aesthetics, exceptional speed, and innovative manufacturing techniques, reflecting a fusion of art, technology, and environmental consciousness.

Meaning and history

Czinger Vehicles Inc. is an automotive innovator based in Los Angeles, launched in 2019 by Kevin and Lukas Czinger. They focus on manufacturing supercars with a flair for performance, utilizing generative design and additive manufacturing techniques. The flagship model, the 21C, is a testament to their prowess in creating limited-run vehicles that push the boundaries of modern car construction​​.
The company pioneers in utilizing AI-driven design, 3D printing, and hybrid-electric technology, ensuring a minimal carbon footprint. Czinger’s journey reflects a commitment to innovating eco-friendly, high-performance vehicles, setting new benchmarks in the automotive industry.

What is Czinger?
Czinger is an avant-garde automotive company, renowned for its pioneering approach in combining high-performance, hybrid-electric vehicles with cutting-edge technologies like AI and 3D printing. Based in Los Angeles, it stands at the forefront of sustainable, yet powerful car design, blending environmental consciousness with groundbreaking vehicular innovation.


Czinger logo

Adorned in a vibrant shade of deep blue, the emblem boasts a stylized ‘C’ that curls around an expanse of white, echoing notions of agility and momentum. The name ‘CZINGER’ unfolds below in stark, block letters, its sans-serif font exuding a contemporary vibe and meticulous craftsmanship. This icon stands as a beacon of progressive thinking and ingenuity in the realm of car design.