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While the logo of the Minor League Baseball team the Winston-Salem Dash is mostly a wordmark, it also manages to reflect the baseball theme and convey the concept of speed.

Meaning and history

Winston-Salem Dash Logo history

The oldest continuously operating franchise in the Carolina League, the Winston-Salem Dash became part of the League in 1945.

Winston-Salem Dash logo

Symbol from 1995 to 2008

Winston-Salem Dash Symbol

As the team was called the Winston-Salem Warthogs before 2008, it used a different logo. Here, a grey warthog was shown behind a large red “W.”

The 2009 emblem

Winston-Salem Dash emblem

Following the adoption of the current name, a new Winston-Salem Dash logo was introduced. The name of the franchise in purple was followed by a baseball. The overall design created the impression of a plane or a bird moving at a very high speed.


Winston-Salem Dash logo

The palette combines purple, black, silver, and white.